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June 21, 2016

EODs: Making Life Behind the Wheel Easier, Safer, and More Time Efficient

a close up of a sign Author : Hermann Services

I’m pleased to announce that our entire fleet of more than 200 tractor-trailers nationwide is now equipped with Omnitracs Electronic Onboard Devices (EOD).

These fleet management solution devices synch up with our Transportation Management Software so that dispatchers can see where all units are in real time and interact with drivers, warehouse managers, and clients to keep everyone on the same page at all times. While Hermann Transportation enjoys a pristine reputation for safety and efficiency, this technology helps us become ever more safe, timely, and fuel-efficient as we look toward future growth.

Drivers now have Numerous EOD Functions at their Fingertips to Improve Job Performance, Client Satisfaction, and Company Efficiencies

  • Hours of Service – Automatically records driver logs.
  • Exact Fuel Use – Transmits fuel level information to fleet management to help minimize cost and maximize efficiency.
  • Critical Events Reporting – Prevents accidents before they occur through onboard sensor data.
  • Roadnet Routing – Planning tool that shows drivers the best route each day.
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting – Simple closed loop process for completing vehicle inspection reports.
  • Driver Workflow – Creates an efficient communication system through the integration with dispatch software.
  • Extended Productivity – Captures signature, scans barcodes and images from a mobile device.
  • In-Cab Scanning – Drivers can scan and transmit documents in real time.
  • Dispatch and Proof of Delivery – Manages by expectations and confirms delivery with real-time resource tracking.
  • Driver Performance Reporting – Measures and monitors driver behavior to coach and improve their performance.

It’s a Win Win Win All Around:

  1. Our customers win from our ability to provide the best in customer service.
  2. Our drivers win through a lightened workload requiring less paperwork and improved performance for company recognition.
  3. Hermann Transportation wins through an improved bottom line based on better fuel efficiency and time savings from off road downtime and traffic avoidance.

Hermann Transportation is already realizing significant savings in fuel and fleet maintenance costs as well as overall operational efficiencies. We’ll be bringing even more onboard functionality into the cab in the future.