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June 9, 2023

Women in the Workplace

a close up of a sign Author : Hermann Services

When you think of a “trucker,” do you envision a rugged, masculine man? This stereotype has held strong for quite some time, but more and more women are entering the field of transportation.

A survey conducted by Gartner Inc. found that, “women comprise 41% of the supply chain workforce in 2021, up from 39% in 2020.” These results, “showed the highest percentage of women in the supply chain workforce since the first edition of the survey in 2016,” based on the 223 organizations surveyed. This jump in women in the supply chain is beneficial for all because, “when women are among leaders in organizations, there is a wider lens of strategic thinking; groups/divisions can weather problems and issues better, and can identify innovative solutions faster,” according to a study by Deloitte.

“We have more women in not only positions of leadership but at all levels than we have ever had and it’s really an amazing work environment where I do see other women helping to support each other either in work or personally,” said Luisa Hermann, Chief Financial Officer of Hermann Services. Women have held positions of power since 1947 when Myrtle Hermann, wife of co-founder Fred J. Hermann, became President of Hermann Services. Myrtle ensured that the business continued to run smoothly and later became chairwoman after passing the company to her sons.

At Hermann, we support our female employees through projects like “Motherhood at Hermann,” a project we organized for Mother’s Day earlier this year. Through interviews, personal spotlights, and a video shoot, we highlighted some of our working mothers who balance full-time jobs with motherhood. They shared their stories and discussed the challenges of being a working mother in a male-dominated industry (watch the video here!).

Kathleen Glaeser, Fleet Maintenance and Asset Manager at Hermann Services, is one of the mothers who participated in our “Motherhood at Hermann” video. Kathleen got her start in the transportation industry in 1984 and remembers how difficult it was to

rise through the ranks as a woman. “Proving that just because I’m a woman in trucking doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m talking about, took twenty-five years to rise from Supervisor to General Manager; while watching men do it in a fraction of the time,” she recalls.

Speaking up for what you believe in and ensuring your voice is heard can be challenging in a male-dominated industry. Karen Huffman, Director of Administration at Hermann Services, has been in the warehousing industry for over fifteen years. “When I first started, this was more of a “man’s world.” It is refreshing to see more women growing their careers in warehouse and trucking,” she said.

Through our Hermann Cares initiative, we have also been able to support many different causes, such as Project Protect our Children. Founded by Denise Mears, Project Protect our Children works to end child sex trafficking and abuse while also supporting victims, many of which are women.

Additionally, in October of 2022, we sent ten of our associates to the New Jersey Conference for Women. They experienced a full day of motivational speakers and sessions aimed at empowering women in the workforce, and many of them left the conference with a sense of pride. “Seeing all the women in leadership positions and being among other women leaders showed me just how much things have changed in business. It was inspiring!” Jasmine Figueroa, Logistics Coordinator, said. “Being in a male-dominated industry and seeing all the women in leadership roles at Hermann shows how much this industry has changed and how happy I am to be part of an organization that supports and empowers women.”

At Hermann Services, we are proud to support our female employees and provide them with a supportive work environment that fosters growth and development.

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Hermann associates at the 2022 Northeast holiday party

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Hermann Southwest associates

a group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera

Hermann women at the 2022 NJ Conference for Women