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May 3, 2024

Safety Features Steer Hermann Drivers in the Right Direction

a close up of a sign Author : Hermann Services

Like modern cars, today’s trucks are increasingly equipped with sophisticated safety features that act as a crucial second layer of defense.

The impact of these features is clear, and statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) show significant reductions in accidents thanks to these advancements:

  • Lane departure warning by 14 percent
  • Electronic stability control by 19 percent
  • Forward collision warning by 14 percent
  • Blind spot warning by five percent

These systems not only help drivers maintain safe following distances but can even initiate automatic braking in critical situations. Paired with our young, well-maintained fleet these features ensure the safety of our drivers and everyone else on the road.

Our drivers enjoy the confidence and comfort the safety features our trucks give them. “Lane departure warning systems are probably one of the coolest safety features,” said driver Andre Mottas. “They light up and alert when you’re near the line. The turn signal that alerts you when someone is next to you is cool too because it catches things in your blind spot.” These features are commonly referenced by our drivers because they provide peace of mind. As driver Byata Wilder said, “It will never steer me wrong.”

Another important safety feature on our trucks is dashboard cameras which record the inside and outside of the truck. “Our Dash Cameras provide so much valuable data for Hermann to use and cultivate a stratum of excellence in our fleet,” said Richard Hermann, Director of Safety and Compliance. “Its AI not only detects distracted driving but also fatigued driving, all the while providing the means for drivers to self-correct any negative behaviors. It’s the self-correcting features that drive our fleet to be the absolute best of the best on our nation’s roadways.”

Regardless of these safety features, driver awareness and training remain paramount, which is why we provide rolling safety meetings for all our drivers. The number one tip our experienced drivers had to share with everyone on the road was to be patient and maintain a safe following distance. It’s a simple act, but it can help prevent major accidents.

With a multitude of safety features, along with consistent driver training, you can trust our fleet to deliver whatever you need safely, and on time every time. Whether you need local deliveries or flexible volume national transportation, contact us to learn about the unique solutions we can provide for you.

Driver Leroy H.

brightly colored safety vests laying on a table

Brightly colored safety vests are a must!