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August 9, 2022

Corporate Sustainability at Hermann Services

a close up of a sign Author : Hermann Services

Electric vehicles. Being green. Climate consciousness. These terms and more have been incorporated into organizations’ corporate sustainability strategies with increasing frequency over the last few years – and will continue to for years to come. In the transportation and supply chain industries, these initiatives have sparked changes in vehicle types and designs, miles and routes driven, approaches for hauling freight, and warehouse facilities.

The Diesel Technology Forum posted an infographic in an article on the fuel emission comparison of today’s trucks compared to one sold in 1988. Unsurprisingly, the disparity was vast: one truck from 1988 produced as many emissions as 60 of today’s cleaner diesel trucks. Combine that with the American Trucking Associations’ economics and industry data of 3.97 million Class 8 trucks operating in 2020 (a 1.5% increase from 2019), and it’s safe to say that the industry as a whole has made strides in developing greener vehicles because of how many are on the roads.

So, how does Hermann Services keep things green?

Hermann Transportation operates a fleet of Class 8 Freightliners. These tractors have aerodynamic elements such as roof and chassis fairings, as well as an aero hood and bumper; our trailers are also equipped with trailer side fairings. Our sleeper tractors have cab extenders and rear wheel covers. Altogether, these pieces reduce the drag on our tractor-trailers in transit – which helps us achieve at least nine miles to the gallon.

Inside the cab, the presence of Omnitracs Electronic Onboard Devices (EODs) improves efficiencies for our drivers and their

routes. Our EODs measure the exact fuel use of our tractors which helps minimize cost and unnecessary fuel usage when starting or idling. Taking it a step further, next year Hermann Transportation will be rolling out our first group of electric trucks – the Freightliner eCascadia – to truly cut down on fuel usage!

Our warehouses have also become more planet-friendly over the years. Internal lighting shifted from constant, switch-powered fixtures to motion-activated, short-session lighting. This way, we’re not constantly using lights in sections where our employees aren’t working, and the reduced bulb illumination leads to fewer replacements. In several of our warehouses we utilize electric forklifts, and their white, non-marking natural rubber polymer tires reduce debris on the floor and contribute to a cleaner warehouse environment.

Hermann Services’ strategy will continue to incorporate carbon-reducing, environmentally friendly practices in our fleets, warehouses, and terminals, and we welcome collaboration with our customers who are looking to reduce their environmental footprint as well!

a truck driving down a street

A preview of the Hermann Freightliner eCascadia

Electric forklifts in our New Castle, DE, warehouse