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September 1, 2023

Celebrating National Truck Driver Awareness Week

a close up of a sign Author : Hermann Services

According to the American Trucking Association, National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an annually held week-long event to “recognize and honor the vital contributions of truck drivers to our daily lives and the economy.” The 3.5 million professional truck drivers on the roads today deliver goods and resources necessary for daily life.

“Overall, the Hermann drivers are dedicated, loyal, great with communication, and honestly care about the company. We have such a great team of drivers!” said Christine VanHise, senior manager of driver recruiting and engagement. Christine isn’t the only one to leave a glowing review for our drivers; many of our warehouse employees and driver managers have nothing but nice things to say about our drivers. Additionally, our drivers often receive compliments from non-Hermann staff for their willingness to help others.

This includes Joseph Sayers, warehouse manager for our Delaware location. “These two gentlemen [Frank Salen and Ray Delmas], have been working with us exclusively for quite a while. Every day they report in with a positive attitude and help our warehouses any way they can,” he said. “Personally, I appreciate not only what they help us with but the fact that they really care about Hermann!”

Our drivers have a variety of reasons for entering the industry. Some wanted to travel and see different sights every day, while others welcomed the freedom and solitude of driving, and the opportunity to clear their mind. We also have drivers who enjoy the opportunity to meet and talk to new people every day. No matter why these hardworking individuals chose to drive for us, we are so thankful for the friendship and value they add every single day.

Ron Coleman became a driver because he, “Wanted to see this beautiful country.” Like many other drivers, Ron enjoys seeing new places every day and the freedom that driving gives him as a local driver. “[Ron] was hired in November 2022 and immediately fit in with the Hermann family. His daily performance, approach to work, and friendly camaraderie is a pleasure to be a part of,” said Northeast general manager, Mike Horvath. “Great driver and a great guy!” he continued.

As a family-owned and operated company for over 96 years, we understand the difference that treating our employees with respect can have. Corey Vizinia became a driver for Hermann after his father who had, “always bragged about how great Hermann treated him.” Corey continued by explaining, “He wasn’t just a number, but a valued employee at a company who really cares about him.”

Leroy Haskett worked in the warehouse for years before becoming a driver for Hermann. Leroy enjoys the solitude of driving and having the perfect atmosphere to clear his mind. “The sights are also very compelling,” he said.

Our drivers have a multitude of hobbies outside of driving including pickleball, golf, concerts, hiking, creating art with Epoxy resin and acrylic paint, and so much more!

Showing our appreciation for all drivers can make a huge difference, even if it’s something small. “Last year we gave away candy and thank you cards to the visiting drivers. We had one fella moved to tears as he had never been thanked for his service in over 20 years of driving,” said our Delaware warehouse office manager, Danielle Berglund.

We love to show appreciation for our drivers in as many ways as possible, year-round – whether that be catered lunches at any of our

locations in New Jersey, Delaware, and Houston, or our driver “swag” boxes that we give out every year for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.

Our team had so many great things to say about our drivers that we couldn’t fit them all in this article! We’ve included more compliments our team had for our drivers below.

  • “Horace Jordan and Roger Williams are both great drivers. Literally, both are the sweetest guys ever! Both are always smiling and full of energy every time you see them!” – Shanita Barker, Payroll Manager, NJ
  • “Thank you, Frank, and Ray, for all that you do each day! You both are always willing to pitch in and help us at the warehouse with jockey trailers whenever we need them. You guys are the BEST! Plus, I just love your smiling faces.” – Jennifer Berglund-Sayers, Warehouse Manager, DE
  • “Rich Kearns has been invaluable as a Hermann Driver. He contacts his fellow drivers daily to see if they need anything, or if there is anything he can do for them. He always goes above and beyond for Hermann and for our customers. He uses his own time to make sure his fellow drivers are happy and to make sure their trucks are up to par. If there is anything we need of him, it doesn’t matter what he is doing, he drops it and takes care of whatever is needed. He takes care of Hermann like it is his own. He is the most knowledgeable and caring driver I have ever had the pleasure of working with.” – Mark Barbour, Overnight Dispatch Manager, NJ
  • “In my short time here with the company, I have observed many things that make our Houston Hermann drivers stand out. We have a resilient group that is very knowledgeable and understands the job expectations completely. I am excited to be a part of this team and look forward to what is in store in the future!” – Juan Mitchell, Terminal Manager, TX
  • “Hermann drivers are at the heart of Hermann Transportation. Walk (or drive) a day in their shoes, and you’ll recognize how important and challenging their role is. Drivers are the individual(s) that interact with our customers on the front line, face to face, each and every day. A big thank you to all of our Hermann drivers for all you do; we’ve got the best drivers around!” – Kristen Lerman, VP of Customer Service & Account Management, NJ
  • “Hermann drivers are polite, friendly, and respectful. They are always willing to help when needed. I appreciate all of our drivers!!!” – Jasmine Figueroa, Logistics Coordinator, NJ
  • “We had our Labor Day BBQ last week, and Robert came after he dropped his trailer off to let us take photos with his truck. He was so sweet and was happy to help us out. Thank you for taking time out of your schedule, Robert. You’re Awesome!!” – Alicia Render, Office Manager, NJ

Thank you to all our drivers for going the distance for us! We truly appreciate your drive and dedication during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and beyond!

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