'Old Timer' Homecoming Parade

October 9, 2022

On Thursday, September 29th, Hermann Services hosted a homecoming parade along Georges Road in South Brunswick, New Jersey, as the 'Old Timer' truck was brought to the new corporate headquarters at 21 Distribution Way.

The 1928 White Motor Company truck, purchased by founders Fred J. and Myrtle Hermann, became an icon for the company. As one of the first trucks, the 'Old Timer' hauled watermelons for The Great A&P Tea Company in the early days of the business and eventually was passed down the four generations of Hermann leadership.

Three years ago, a project began to have the Old Timer fully restored. With the help of Vintage Motorcars in Westbrook, CT, the truck was dropped off, taken apart, and fully restored. In August, the project was completed, and the Old Timer was ready to come home.

To commemorate this historic event – in addition to the opening of the new corporate office in Monmouth Junction, NJ – Hermann Services coordinated with the South Brunswick Police Department to host a homecoming parade. In the procession were police motorcycles and motor units, fire engines, ambulances, four Hermann trucks, and the flatbed from Izzi Trucking and Rigging which hauled the Old Timer.

The procession traveled along Georges Road in South Brunswick, making two stops at Indian Fields at Dayton Elementary School and Brooks Crossing & Dean Elementary School. At each school, the parade came to a full halt and children were able to approach the Old Timer as well as interact with Hermann staff and emergency personnel.

For the final leg of the parade, the Old Timer was taken off the Izzi flatbed and drove the remaining distance from Dean Elementary to 21 Distribution Way! Upon arrival, everyone in attendance celebrated with a champagne toast before the Old Timer was finally settled in the lobby of the office.

This event could not have been as successful as it was without the all-in support from Hermann staff, the South Brunswick Police Department, Monmouth Junction and Kingston Volunteer Fire Departments, South Brunswick Fire Marshalls, Monmouth Junction Emergency Services, Dayton and Dean Elementary Schools, and everyone else who turned out for this historic day. Thank you all!

Watch our video of the parade's highlights.