Hermann Warehouse Sees the Light


By John Capra, Operations Manager
Hermann Warehousing Corporation

After upgrading lighting throughout our 369,000 sq. ft. facility, I can speak for the entire department and say we are thrilled with the results. In addition to working under much better light conditions throughout our entire space, we are saving more than $48,000 per year in electricity costs.

Updating 100% of our warehouse space was a massive undertaking. Over the course of three months, 665 fixtures were replaced with T-5 lighting. Of those, 584 are motion-censored. Upon activation by sensing nearby movement, a light will remain illuminated for 15 minutes and then automatically turn off in the absence of activity.

We can also take pride in the fact that the reduced energy consumption is also good for the environment. Hermann Warehouse and the environment also benefit from longer bulb life which lowers replacement costs and reduces the disposal of dead bulbs into landfills.

When it comes to job safety, energy savings, and environmental friendliness, Hermann Warehousing has truly seen the light.

T-5 lighting now illuminates 100% of Hermann Warehousing facilities