NSC Awards Hermann Services Warehousing and Transportation Occupational Excellence Achievement Awards


The U.S. National Safety Council awarded both Hermann Warehousing and Transportation divisions the prestigious Occupational Excellence Award for their outstanding safety performance records from January 1 through December 31 2011.The award was presented to Hermann Services in July 2012. The award recognizes companies, units and/or facilities that have reported injuries and illnesses, which involve days away from work equal to or less than 50% of the BLS rating for their 6-digit NAICS code and have had no fatalities. It is evaluated In accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) record keeping requirements. "We are extremely proud of earning this distinction," said Jim Denniston, Hermann Services Safety Committee Chairperson. "Safety always comes first through our organization, which requires many hours of training and a relentless focus on the adherence to our safety procedures that exceed governmental regulations. This award validates the dedication of all Hermann employees from ownership to each and every individual involved in our warehouse and distribution services." "In the business of handling, storing, and transporting heavy loads that are often classified as hazardous material, safety is mandatory. At Hermann Services we take a leadership position in the logistics industry by establishing and abiding by our own higher standards of strict, measurable safety policies that ensure the safety not only of our workforce, but also for everything that passes through our supply chain as well as the general public." To that end, internal Hermann Services safety training and workshops include: Semi-Annual Driver Safety Meetings Internal On-Site Roadside Inspections Vehicle and Driver inspections Quarterly Safety HSME Facility Audits Monthly Company Safety Meetings Periodic Departmental Safety Workshops For more information about Hermann Services Warehousing and Transportation, contact a sales rep at (877) 809-6070 or by email at sales@hermanntds.com.