Bordentown-Hedding Road Warehouse - Now Organic Certified!

Hermann Warehouse Corporation has done it again! This month, our facility located on Bordentown-Hedding Road in Bordentown, NJ, became organic certified and can now safely store and transload organic food products.

What does it mean to be organic certified? “Being an Organic Certified facility means we have implemented the USDA’s strict policies and procedures for handling and storing any Organic products into our warehouse,” said Rob Ludden, Vice President of Operations. Such good manufacturing processes (GMP) involve reviewing the cleanliness of the warehouse, ensuring certain pesticides aren’t used on the grounds around the facility, chemical or hazardous products aren’t stored alongside organic items, and yearly inspection to ensure compliance – to name a few criteria.

Another key element of storing organic items involves segregation. Our Bordentown-Hedding Road facility has a strict list of items that they cannot place nearby these organic products, so to eliminate cross contamination, they will ensure adequate space is allocated in the warehouse or will use racks to create that separation.

“We’re in a time where people are looking for more options. You see more organic items in the stores, and now Hermann is in a position to handle these products that are such in high demand,” said Charles Capra, President of Hermann Warehouse Corporation. The USDA even notes that, “There are more than 28,000 certified organic farms and businesses in the U.S. That number continues to grow as consumer demand for organic grows. In 2019, there was approximately $55 billion in U.S. retail sales of organic products.” Such demand has made both public and contract warehouses pursue certification to stay competitive in the organic market and be considered among other U.S. warehouses.

Our incredible staff have certainly gone the extra mile for our warehousing services. With clean, energy efficient, AIB Certified facilities, becoming Organic Certified is another great way we can serve our customers and support the organic supply chain.

Demea Tyson, Tiffany Lambert, Hector Comulado