Employee Spotlight: Bill Fekete

September 27, 2023

At Hermann we value the contributions, knowledge, and experience of our employees, and this month we’re putting the spotlight on Bill Fekete!

Bill has been a dedicated Hermann employee since 1987, and today he works as an operations manager at our Blackhorse Lane warehouse in New Jersey for our partnership with a global packaging leader. His deep warehousing experience and exceptional skill helped us grow that partnership from a four-man operation with a five-year contract to a 10-man team and a long-term partnership in our shared 250,000-square-foot building.

His standout leadership has also led to the creation of a team who takes the job as seriously as he does. He enjoys being able to do great work with a group of people who are responsible and ensure their tasks are done at the end of the day, while also being able to celebrate their achievements and growth.

Bill got his start in the industry working part-time in college as a forklift driver for a toy company's warehouse. “I liked the structured environment and all aspects of warehousing. After college, I was managing a farm store but found myself drawn back to warehousing,” he said.

Before applying to Hermann, Bill was the manager of a shoe warehouse. His years of experience led him to manage a partnership between Hermann and a global packaging company. Bill considers building and fostering this relationship as one of his most proud accomplishments with Hermann Services.

When asked to describe Hermann, Bill stated, “Committed to excellence, the company individually strives to be the best operation they can be.” Some of his favorite memories with Hermann include the annual picnic and softball games we used to have. “Each division would play each other. Always looked forward to playing the team from the Philly area who were in the league,” he recounted.

Outside of work, Bill has many accomplishments to be proud of, like his two children and grandson. He is also proud of his two cars that received plaques in shows. “My Corvette at the Strawberry Festival show in Dayton, Tennessee, and my 37 Dodge pickup at a show in New Brunswick,” said Bill when asked which cars. Some of his other hobbies include collecting and restoring Pinball machines, old Aurora Slot cars, Schwinn stingray bikes, and of course classic cars. He also enjoys maintaining his two homes in New Jersey and Tennessee.

We’re very thankful for Bill’s passion and incredible work ethic over the years!