Employee Spotlight: Elio Lopez Leal

August 29, 2023

At Hermann, we value the contributions, knowledge, and experience of our employees, and this month we’re putting the spotlight on Elio Lopez Leal!

Elio began working at Hermann in August 2022 as a temp at our Bordentown-Hedding Road warehouse. After a few months, he was asked to come to help support our new Rising Sun Road warehouse. He quickly became familiar with the new warehouse and was able to support any area that needed help throughout the day. Through his hard work and dedication, he was promoted to a full-time Hermann employee. He now assists with the warehousing of a multinational engineering and technology company.

According to Elio, the most important part of his job is, “Commitment to the company, the punctuality of arriving on time and being available when they need me.” Respect is also important to Elio; he understands the impact his treatment of others can have.

Since working in the warehouse, Elio’s wife, Adda Maria Mastrangelo, feels it has helped him grow professionally and personally. “He likes his work; he gets along well with everyone and that makes a difference because he goes to work with pleasure,” she said. Elio knows his opinions are valued at work, and he is respected by his bosses because “he does his work with love,” said Adda.

Adda is a chef and baker, and she hopes to continue to grow her business. One of their goals is to one day open a small, local bakery that would offer a wide variety of sweet and savory dishes to the public. Since Adda is used to designing themed cakes for people, this year she made Elio a cake with the Hermann logo on it for his birthday because, according to her, “working at Hermann is his second home.” When asked why she chose the Hermann logo she said, “Normally, clients ask me for themed cakes or designs that they like. They like it and I see it makes them so happy; this is why I chose this for his birthday cake.”

Elio’s daily routine begins with helping Adda prepare their son’s lunch box before heading to work where he helps support his teammates. After work, Elio has dinner with his family, and if the weather is nice, he enjoys taking his children to the park to ride bikes or play baseball. In his free time, Elio enjoys playing baseball, spending time with his family, and detailing cars.

Elio is a dedicated and passionate warehouse employee who is always willing to help others. He takes great pride in his work, and we are very thankful to Elio for all the hard work he does.

The birthday cake Elio's wife made for him this year.