Hermann Services Named Finalist at NJ Biz Green Leadership Awards


Hermann Services is proud to be recognized as one of New Jerseys most environmentally-aware companies according to the magazine, NJ Biz. We were names a finalist in the 2009 NJ Biz Green Leadership Awards in the Category of Energy Conservation. The leading New Jersey business publisher recognized our efforts throughout the Hermann transportation, leasing, warehouse, maintenance, and logistics divisions for the following reasons: 1) The Hermann Leasing Division implemented a modified, four-day work week summer schedule to lower the carbon footprint of the office and the employees. 2) The Hermann Maintenance Division has been paperless since 2007. We are now researching the use of waste oil for heat and high efficiency, low consumption lighting. 3) The Hermann Packaging Division is a member of Operation Clean Sweep, a partnership committed to preventing the release of resin pellets into the environment. 4) The Hermann Transportation Division recently achieved the status of EPA SmartWay Transport Affiliate and is undertaking a major effort to reduce our environmental impact.
  • We are continuing to add lightweight aerodynamic Volvo trucks to our fleet.
  • Were adding new trucks powered by carbon reducing motors.
  • We have installed auxiliary power units to reduce idle time and fuel use.
  • We have installed Idle Air systems on all overnight trucks allowing drivers to shut down
  • their engines at truck stops and hook up to electricity and air systems, thereby reducing the amount fuel use and exhaust released into the atmosphere.
  • We are testing new innovative tires designed to keep fuel efficiency at a maximum and installing inflation systems that maintain proper PSI at any temperature.
  • Through advanced technology, we are lowering the motor speed of our tractors by computer control for better fuel mileage. Our transportation specialists are also educating our workforce on how to lower their environmental impact by reducing idle time and abiding by speed reduction policies. In-house studies identified that speed is the biggest factor in maximizing fuel efficiency.
  • We are currently obtaining GPS systems for our tractors and planning driver routes as efficiently as possible to reduce road mileage. Through research and monitoring of driver routes, we will reduce gas consumption and mileage by eliminating or minimizing the out-of-route exposure with our fleet this year.
5) Hermann Services is a member of the American Chemistry Associations Responsible Care Partner Companies, which is committed to advancing the safe and secure management of chemical products and processes.