Hermann Services Invests in Major Nj Warehouse Renovation


The Hermann Services warehouse, located at 21 Distribution Way in South Brunswick, NJ. underwent a major renovation to better serve our clients. Hermann invested more than $3 million into the 210,000 sq. ft. facility, which is divided into two 105,000 sq. ft. spaces, the A & B rooms. The A Room,which serves as a cross-dock facility for Grainger, received a new roof. The other 105,000 sq. ft. space, the B Room, has been upgraded to food grade space with brand new racking. The floors have been sealed to minimize the possibility of airborne dust particles. New sanitary and safety measures include updated pest prevention solutions and upgraded lighting. This investment signals Hermanns commitment to growth and responsiveness to our client needs. said Rich Clonan, Hermann Vice President of Sales. State-of-the-art warehouse space is a critical link in supply chain management. Room B Houses Five Different Environments:
  • Cold storage (40 to 50F)
  • Frozen storage (15 to -5F)
  • Hazmat storage
  • Temperature and humidity controlled space (40 to 80F) with humidity at 60% or less
  • Ambient storage
The upgrades were made to accommodate the requirements of two Hermann Warehouse clients, Firminich and ICL (Israeli Chemical Limited). For more information about Hermann Services Warehousing capabilities, please contact Rich Clonan at (800) 524-0067 ext. 156 or by email at email: rclonan@hermanntds.com.