S&M Transport Contracts for State-of-the-Art Fleet Lease


Joe Waldner, Hermann Leasing Sales Representative, is proud to report that S&M Transport of Edison, NJ has renewed their contract for 10 Volvo VNL64T Tandem Axel Tractors. The 5-year full service lease includes nearly $1,000,000 worth of equipment and maintenance for the vehicles. Eight of the vehicles are 2009 models, and two are 2008. All are Volvo Clean Air Certified, which means they actually clean the air. Diesel emission testing at Hermann confirms that the exhaust contains .0% particulates. The tractors are equipped with onboard computers featuring PeopleNet Fleet Manager Tracking Systems that report GPS and ECM information. Therefore S&M management has secure control of their communications and fleet management functions at their fingertips. At any given time they can see where all of the trucks are located. Monitors display aerial views of trucks at their last known locations. We can monitor vehicle and driver performance information and see if a truck is running fast or too hot, says Mr. Waldner. We can tell from a maintenance standpoint if something is not quite right and address a problem before the vehicle fails, so breakdowns are kept to a minimum. According to S&M President Bobby Stacer, From what we see so far, the Volvos are fantastic and very much what we expected, if not more. But the reason we work with Hermann is the personalized service and direct contact we have with them. Ive worked with many other national leasing companies and from my experience with Hermann, I know that when issues must be taken care of, they are taken care of right there and then. S&M is a common carrier specializing in quick-turn deliveries throughout the tri-state area. The companys unique business model often calls for three shifts, which demands constant use of the leased equipment and 24/7 access to fleet maintenance. Hermann Services have risen to the challenge to meet S&M Transports demands for perfection with the perfect suite of tractor-trailer equipment and services.