Hermann Services Attains Best Safety Record in Company History


By Karen Nesta, Hermann Services Safety Committee Chairperson and Manager Our overall Safety improvement during the past few years positively impacts our corporate bottom line. Hermanns is able to remain a member in good standing of our Captive Insurance Group. We, along with nearly 60 other trucking companies similar to Hermann Services, must qualify for membership based on an established, verified safety record. Each member is audited to meet strict financial and safety criteria. First and foremost, our Federal Motor Carrier Safety Rating must be satisfactory, which it is. The Captive Insurance program has helped Hermann Services gain insight and perspective on our corporate safety policies. Captive Insurance membership positively impacts Hermann Services in many ways:
  • Our safety objectives are strong.
  • We have very few losses.
  • Accountability is extremely high.
  • We can better control costs to maintain our competitive position.
  • There is tremendous improvement on roadside inspections.
  • Clients and potential customers respect our positive safety record.
If and when accidents do occur, we must look beyond individual responsibility to identify the root cause(s). Was there a mechanical defect? Was the employee managed properly? Were all safety protocols followed according to standard operating procedures? That way we can all learn from our mistakes. How do we ensure that Hermann Services maintains a superlative safety record? Throughout our organization, we have implemented procedures to reinforce our safety first motto:
  • Improved written hiring practices that ensure new hires come aboard with a clean safety record and zero or minimal safety violations.
  • Improved training through monthly safety breaks where we address
  • What if? scenarios. Attendees are quizzed on the correct way to respond to potentially unsafe situations.
  • Stated safety warehouse and maintenance standard operating procedures.
  • Quarterly accident counter measure meetings with all drivers.
  • Monetary awards for clean inspections with zero violations.
  • Investigations and disciplinary actions when the rare violation does occur.
I am proud to report that Hermann Services has attained the highest driver and vehicle safety rating in our recorded history. The entire organization from warehouse and packaging to 3PL logistics to truck leasing and transportation to fleet maintenance has worked extremely hard (and safe) to achieve the milestone of Hermann Services best safety record ever.