Hermann Services Earns Best SafeStat Score Ever!


By Roger Boschetto, Executive Vice President Operations, Hermann Leasing Like a social security number, Hermann Services has been issued a Department of Transportation Number. It is affixed to the door of every Hermann Leasing and Transportation tractor-trailer in service. Associated with that number is the Hermann Services SafeStat Score which is an evaluation of our current safety record. I am pleased to report that Hermann Services has received the best 5-month score in company history. SafeStat (short for Motor Carrier Safety Status Measurement System) is an automated, data driven analysis system designed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). It combines current and historical carrier-based safety performance information to measure the relative (peer-to-peer) safety fitness of commercial motor carriers. This information includes Federal and State data on crashes, roadside inspections, on-site compliance review results and enforcement history. SafeStat enables FMCSA to quantify and monitor the safety status of individual motor carriers on a monthly basis and thereby focus enforcement resources on carriers posing the greatest potential safety risk. Our SafeStat score is essentially a report card from the DOT, an evaluation of how our drivers are doing on the roadway and what the condition of our equipment is. When a driver is pulled over on weigh scale or on the open roadway, an inspector can choose to perform several types of assessments. The driver must present his license, medical card, registration, and insurance card. His driver logs must be up-to-date on a day-to-day basis and all of his vehicle decals must be current. If the driver is found to be in violation of any credentials, he will be issued a citation, which is recorded on the SafeStat score. The inspector may also perform a quick walk around the vehicle for a visual inspection or perform a complete bumper-to-bumper inspection checking for bald tires, air leaks, operational lights, improperly secured freight, hazmat issues, and mechanical failures. If a safety issue is identified such as a bald tire or air leak, the inspector will pull the driver and vehicle out of service until the issue can be resolved. Violations are reported and factor negatively on the SafeStat Score. SafeStat allows regulators to monitor carrier and private fleets and analyze trends. It can provide evidence that equipment or driver violations are not improving, which will lead to an appointment to conduct a full audit on the company. Such periodic inspections of a companys files from one end to the other can lead to an Unsatisfactory report, which essentially places the company on probation. It will have a designated amount of time to correct their problems or the operation can be shut down. The Department of Transportation only provides two ratings Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. Each month the DOT provides a final report detailing the number of violations against the driver and equipment. Our insurance policy mandates that Hermann Services keep the number of violations below 50% of the national average. Currently both Hermann Leasing and Transportation are well below the national average. With zero violations recorded in the past 5 months, we are enjoying our best trucking and safety record ever.