Hermann Leasing Conducts Meet & Greet in CT & MA


After opening offices in Connecticut and Massachusetts in 2010, Hermann Leasing executives held an open house and travelled throughout the region to visit with new and existing customers. We felt that with the downfall of local family-owned truck leasing operations in the region, there was an opportunity for Hermann Leasing to step in and provide the personalized service that was lost due to mergers and acquisitions within the industry, said Richard J. Hermann, President, Hermann Leasing. We wanted to back up our commitment to the area by personally meeting as many of our new and future customers in the region as we could and hearing what their needs are. Other Hermann Leasing executives who met with Connecticut and Massachusetts clients included: Richard F. Hermann, Vice President Allen Trauschke, Branch Manager of the Windsor, CT office Gary Wilhelmsen, Branch Manager of the Southeast MA office Bryan Hermann, Director of Maintenance Jack Sullivan, Regional Manager Joe Waldner, Account Executive Whereas many leasing providers have consolidated and are operated by conglomerates with headquarters based far from the region, Hermann Leasing now offers a local alternative through its regional branches. The benefits are many, including the ability to quickly resolve issues without having to wait for long periods of time based on the red tape that typically slows response from larger corporate firms. At Hermann Leasing, customers have direct access to the company owners and decision makers, so Hermann can act swiftly and adjust to any requests in real time. Our Connecticut and Massachusetts customers have the same access to the full scope of Hermann Leasing services offered through our New Jersey headquarters. These include full service tractor trailer leasing on both a daily and long term basis. We are able to work with customers to design and deliver customized vehicles that meet their exact requirements such as temperature control and special loading or unloading devices to efficiently get their products to the marketplace. Our flexibility allows us to provide a full range of Dedicated Logistics, supplying all the manpower including the drivers and the equipment necessary to provide total distribution services. Through our Maintenance division, Hermann Leasing also provides 24-hour, 7-days-a-week road service in the region. In addition to servicing our own fleet, we can provide service to those who own their own trucks. For more information or to schedule a meeting with Hermann Leasing, contact: Allen Trauschke in the CT region at (800) 274-1221, or Gary Wilhelmsen in the MA region at (508) 425-9505.