Hermann Services Acquires Fleet of Energy Efficient, Driver-Friendly, EPA 2010 Compliant Class 8 Tractors


On a mission to provide the most energy efficient transportation services, Hermann Services has acquired a fleet of class 8 tractors with multiple environmentally-friendly features. Powered by brand new MaxxForce engines, the new trucks meet the 2010 EPA emissions requirements without the need to install additional ureaadditive equipment. Hermanns new fleet is also equipped with fully automatic Eaton Fuller Ultra Shift 10 speed transmissions that improve fuel economy, reduce maintenance costs, and enhance driver comfort. The trucks sport new Super Single Michelin XDA. These wide base tires improve fuel efficiency by decreasing weight and rolling resistance. Interstate tests by Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) show gas mileage increases nearly 3% with use of wider single tires on tractor-trailers. To further increase fuel mileage, the trucks utilize anti-siphoning fuel tanks that are 25% smaller, which make the vehicles more lightweight. Studies have proven that the savings in fuel costs outweigh any time savings that larger tanks provide to reduce the number of times a driver must fuel up. Most importantly, according to Bryan Hermann, Director of Fleet Maintenance, Hermann Services, the new fleet features an Electronic Control Module which monitors a Performance Bonus Program. This permits drivers to attain certain cruise control, idle time, and miles-per-gallon parameters that enable them to make more efficient use of drive time. Drivers will also appreciate the installation of Fontain automatic 5th wheel air release, a switch within the cab that saves time by automatically disconnecting trailers upon activation. Formerly drivers had to exit the cab and manually pull the 5th wheel pin, which could potentially cause injury. Therefore, Hermann projects additional savings through reduced workmans comp claims and lost time. Based on combined fuel saving projections, Hermann Services forecasts an 11% increase in overall improvement in fuel economy that will reduce fuel consumption by an average of 1,298 gallons per year per truck. For more information about the new fleet of Hermann Services tractor trailers, please contact Bryan Hermann at (800) 624-1016 ext. 243 or by email to bhermann@hermanntds.com.